Charts with Simplicity

Charts with simplicity

Understanding better the information

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Services What we do and how can we help you

Projects in Data Visualization and Business Analytics

With data we seek to help professionals to communicate better with efficient charts, explore opportunities, discover patterns,reveal trends, solve problems and decide better.
Check bellow what is available

Viz on Demand

With the data that you work daily, we create visualizations that can reveal useful information and help you make better decisions.

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Visualization on demand


Dashboard Viz

We create a visual display in one screen of the most important information you need to know or frequently monitor.

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Web viz

Need to put charts on the web ? Maybe on a website or page to facilitate the visualization in mobile devices. Ukiyoe can help you with this.

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Visualization on the web

Reasons to start ?

Save time

Time is a scarce resource and difficult to be managed. Besides the recurring activities, it is necessary to concentrate in priorities and have time to analyse information. Ukiyoe can make this easier.

Save in software and training

Tools to execute high level data analysis can bring impressive results but generally involves a high cost associated with licenses and training. Ukiyoe will bring you results without the aditional costs.

Knowledge cloud

Especialized knowledge

Working with data visualization require diverse skills and know-how to apply it efficiently. Ukiyoe synthesize the information and deliver what you need.

Examples A small selection

What type of work Ukiyoe does ?

Check bellow some examples on how we use data visualization and other advanced analysis tools. The data used in the examples bellow are fictional.

  • Chart


    It can represent with size a quantity and colors a division according to criteria

  • Chart


    Control panel showing the customers main information

  • Chart

    Box plot / Histogram

    Show the form, density e variability of data, for statistical analysis.

  • Chart


    Time series and trend with seasonality adjustment.

  • Chart


    Graphical representation of sales, profit and respective variations

  • Chart


    Bar chart on descending sort showing ranking of products.

How it works Simple and reliable

You have the data. Now you need to know it better.

We want to make your work easier, therefore we thought in a easy way to start.


Make the questions

Think about the date you have and what you want to know. Making questions is the first step.

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Data is the raw material of your work.
Centralized or spread in excel spreadsheet this data contains informations that can help to understand better a situation, reveal opportunities or find solutions. Check which data sets you would like to analyse.


Contact us

Send a message or call to make a video conference.

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Once you find the data you think it is important or would like to be more sure, get in touch here, filling the form and sending a message with a brief description with what you need or would like to know and when you would like to receive a phone call or video call via facetime, skype or google hangouts.
If you have any trouble sending the form you can send a message or make a call.

Data Visualization

Visualize it

Thats it, see the information you need and that can help you on your work.

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Your data will be transformed in visual representation using software, methods and design.
This visualization allows analysis and create narratives that with our help can reveal valuable information.

Want to know more ?



All communication can be made with aid of video conference tools making the service convenient to clients with limited time.


At the moment the payment options available are bank deposit and paypal.




Customer information is confidential so we take all necessary precautions to garantee that it will be safe during the whole process. Only the customer decides about the use of this information.

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